Michelle Louise
School of Dance

Terms and Conditions

The Michelle Louise School of Dance ‘MLSOD’ Terms and Conditions

1. Payment for Classes

2. General

3. Photography/Filming

I give permission for my child’s photograph to be taken or be included in any filmed media. Photographic and filmed media may be used and reproduced by MLSOD for teaching, promotional or demonstrational purposes on our website or the school Facebook page and/or Instagram feed.
Please contact us immediately if you do not agree to us using any photo’s or videos of your child.

4. Toilet Policy

Please read the below carefully. If your child is not able to manage with the support given they will not be able to attend classes.

5. Zero Tolerance Policy

The Michelle Louise School of Dance is committed to providing a professional service at all times.

In return our staff and volunteers have the right to be treated with respect and without fear of aggressive and intimidating behaviour. Any abuse whether this be verbally or via social media, email or text towards any member of staff or pupil will not be tolerated. Anyone seen to be behaving in this manner will be asked to leave the school.

By enrolling my son/daughter into The Michelle Louise School of Dance, I confirm that I accept the above terms and conditions and adhere to the code of conduct and policies set out above

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